Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm Here

I have been sick. For over two weeks now. I am finally feeling better, but I cannot get rid of this cough.
I am such an exciting person that in the week and a half since I posted last, not a lot has happened. The most exciting thing that happened was we celebrated our 4th anniversary. We went out to dinner at Benihanas. It was my first time going there and it was delicious.
Also we had the craft show on the 1st. I took Morgan with me and she was tired from Halloween so we didn't stay too long , but it was still fun. I sold a few things. My Mom sold the most dollar wise. My Mom has a booth at another one so I might try to get her to sell some of my stuff at that one too.
I am having a
Homemade Gourmet party this weekend, I am looking forward to that. I love having get together's at my house. I usually do the summer parties and my Mom does the big winter ones, but I try to slip a few smaller winter ones in since I love this time of year. I could do without the snow, but the holiday time makes me happy.
Well I honestly don't have anything else to babble about. Maybe something exciting will happen today.

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