Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Oh Boy....

So. Today we went to Joann's (yes again) and had a great time. That of course is sarcastic. Maybe it is because I wrote about how well behaved Morgan is in public, or because she is almost three, and I knew the terrible two's were too easy. Either way, it was the trip from hell.

It started out okay. I only needed a few things. Morgan immediately saw the Christmas decorations and went and grabbed a snowman she saw last week. I told her we weren't getting it but I let her carry it for a little while. I put it back and she went and grabbed it again. I asked her to put it back, on her way to put it back she dropped it and the hat broke. So I bought that.

I know. I could have put it back and not said anything but there are two reasons I didn't, 1. I am usually the poor shopper that ends up with the broken junk & 2. This happened right in front of the register and Morgan isn't the kind of kid that breaks something and quietly puts it back, she is the kind of kid who apologizes for breaking stuff or cries about it. Plus I can put a little glue on it and have a cute new Christmas decoration.

After that I decided it was time to go. While we were waiting in line and Morgan wanted a sucker. I said no (not because I am mean, but because we have a bunch of candy at home). Then I heard the very recognizable sound of a candy wrapper opening. I looked over and she had the sucker in her mouth. I snatched it from her and paid for that too. Of course this made for a very loud checkout.

I still stand by what I wrote about how good she is. Today was just one incident. But I can't help but wonder. How many are to come. And how will I handle them?

Coming Tomorrow - Playground adventures. Hopefully with pictures.

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