Thursday, November 27, 2008

What A Difference A Year Makes

It's late. I'm tired. And I'm not even hosting this first event. It is officially the holiday season. I made the potatoes earlier this evening, I boiled the eggs. All I have to do tomorrow is finish the deviled eggs, heat the potatoes in the crock pot, make a green bean casserole, bathe 2 kids and myself, get us all dressed, pack a diaper bag (and not forget blankies, since the car seat straps aren't adjusted for winter coats and it is supposed to snow), clean up my huge mess in the kitchen and the rest of the house, since we are going to visit the in laws on Friday (no shopping for me) and I want to put my tree up on Saturday, and get out the door by 2. No biggie right. Right.

This is the normal scene in my house on any holiday. Just wait until Christmas when I have to wrap presents (I know I could do the wrapping before Christmas Eve, but I don't and I don't have any high expectations of that changing this year).

I should go to bed now, but I am too awake for some reason. I have been thinking a lot about where we are this year compared to last year. What a difference a year can make. At this time last year we were thinking more about the fact that in two days we would be living with my parents than that we would be getting together with family to celebrate. You see, Roy is a carpenter (as I may have mentioned) and last October he lost his job because the company he worked for was sold. At the time we thought it was a blessing in disguise. We were wrong. Or maybe we were just a year ahead. Either was, I was 5 months pregnant and we had no income, no insurance, and were soon to be homeless with a then 22 month old. Of course my parents weren't going to let us become homeless. They gave us their basement.

We have had a lot happen in the past year, but I really don't think the end result (meaning our present state of living) would have been possible without my parents. They supported us when we had a rough spot in out marriage and weren't sure if a fourth anniversary was in the cards for us, they helped me when Roy was working almost 200 miles from home and was gone 5 days a week, they tried their best to act like they didn't mind us being in their home for almost a year. Without the support they gave us last year we might not be where we are today (our bills are paid, and if you know me that might be a first in all of my adult life, and we have a pantry full of food).

I am thankful for my children and husband, who love me no matter what.

I am thankful to have a roof (and a pretty nice one at that) over my head.

I am thankful that everyone I love and care about is healthy.

I am thankful for my entire family.

And I am especially thankful for my parents. Not only because of the past year, but for all of their guidance and support. They have truly been great, I am just sorry I didn't know it all along.

I love you all.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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BigSis said...

OMG, you just made me cry you brat.