Monday, December 1, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh ....Apple Tree???

Max and Ruby, Ruby & Max. Morgan lives this show. By that I mean she thinks she is Ruby and Carter (or anyone she is talking to) is Max. Everyday there are at least 4 episodes of M&R being played out at my house. It is not uncommon for Morgan to start running around the house with her back pack on yelling "You can't catch me Max" (from the episode where Max is it in a game of freeze tag with Ruby and her friends), or for her to say things like "Orange Dream Boats are too heavenly to describe" "Ready as brownies in the oven" That's a good one Ruby, I'll have to use that" (from the episode where Ruby earns a Bunny Scout Merit Badge by working Candy's candy store) and the other day she walked up to me with hangers on her wrist and told me they were a charm bracelet, and the charms are very special. (if you look at the TV, Max And Ruby is on)
Every once in a while she pretends to be Max, and goes around being a vampire. She also re sites a rhyme while pretending to jump rope, it goes like this

Bunny Scout, Bunny Scout, Dressed in green,

Wave to bunny scout leader curtsy for the queen,

Now count all the way to number thirteen

But the best one is when she pretends she is playing with Ruby's friend Louise but Max keeps interrupting them because he wants an apple. Ruby goes and picks him apple after apple until finally he has a bucket full and he tells Ruby he want apple pie. Morgan acts this one out all the time. She gets her stool and puts it in the middle of the living room, or next to the plants, and stands on it and reach up to pick apples. She actually reaches and twists her wrist to get these apples, then she will walk up to us and say "here Max, a nice juicy apple", it is hilarious. The nice ones of us say thank you and pretend to eat our nice juicy apples, the not so nice ones (meaning Roy) will say "I. Am. Not. Max". So it should have come as no surprise to me that our Christmas tree (yes I already put it up, and I did a bunch of other holiday type activities, I will post those later today or tomorrow) would double as the best apple tree over here in Bunyville.

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