Friday, December 26, 2008

Is It Really Over Already???

I love Christmas (as I have mentioned before). But I am always disappointed on December 26th. Not because I didn't get the right present(s). But because I wait all year for this time of year. Come November I am counting down the days. And then in one day it is over. This year was especially great for me for a few reasons. First, Morgan knew what was going on. And she was excited. Second, this was Carter's first Christmas. Third, my sister (Kaisha) and her family came out from Mass. to be with us and got to meet Carter and David for the first time. We haven't seen them in a year and a half. They got here on Monday and are leaving tomorrow morning. This morning was full of tears and happiness. Her kids (Kyle & Anna) are going to come out in June and stay with us for 3 or 4 weeks.

We had another wonderful Christmas. All week we were busy and having fun. Morgan & I made soap for presents, we went to my parents for Christmas Eve, and we hosted Christmas Day. I made a prime rib and I have to say, I think it is one of the best cooking jobs I have ever done. Here are the pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Soap we made. I got the idea for the snow globes from SAJ.
I decided that my dollar spot cupcake molds would work for soap too. These were a huge hit for gifts. And Morgan was so proud of them. Oh Heck, I was too.

TaTa with Kyle & Carter.

My Mom & Dad bought this bed set for Kyle for Christmas but it had already been purchased by Santa for him. Instead of taking it back, my Mom altered it to fit a crib for Carter. It. Is. Awesome.

Our Christmas Tree after Santa came.

Morgan with her Brobee & Muno (Yo Gabba Gabba) Dolls.

Carter looking at Morgan's stuff.

Grandma & Carter.

Me, Kaisha & Roy.

Roy & (his brother) Chris.

Kaisha & Mark

Grandma, Kyle, Anna & Morgan.

Cousin Ben with Carter and Sam (soon to be Ben's wife) with David.

TaTa with Kyle & Morgan.

(If you look to the left of my ginger bread house you can see my OMSH Christmas post card).

TaTa with Anna & Morgan.

My Mom & Dad.

David. So Beautiful.

TaTa, Kaisha & Carter.

Morgan with her fish tank from Santa.

Morgan's fish tank.

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas. And have a Happy New Year.

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