Thursday, December 4, 2008

Holiday Fun Stuff

We have been busy busy over here. I bought one of those pre baked ginger bread houses. So we put that together. And it looks decent (at best). I forgot to ice the front part of the roof so I am going to do that today. And as I already posted, I put the tree up, with help from Morgan of course. And we made ornaments. They aren't painted yet, but they are cut out and baked. We might do some painting today too, since it is snowing and the high is supposed to be 21. Don't worry about the cold though, tomorrow it is supposed to be 57.

But the best thing we did was go and get Christmas pictures taken. I haven't written on here about our previous picture taking adventures. They were (again, at best) horrible. Morgan is so shy that it was just a photographer snapping away and me hoping they got a decent shot worth paying for. I was pretty lucky and he did. But this year was different. David was going to be there, and I got her real excited about picture day. And I thought it would be great fun with Carter, who smiles when you look at him. Morgan did great, as far as sitting and even being moved around for pictures, Carter did great too, as far as sitting on a couch and only trying to dive off a few times. But, of all the pictures she took, I don't have one of either one of them smiling. Not one. Not even smiley face Carter. I couldn't believe it. He looks so serious in all of the shots. I didn't expect a smile from Morgan, heck I didn't even expect participation, but I thought at the very least I could count on a smile from Carter. Then after the picture taking was done, we were standing at the computer deciding which photos to order and he was smiling and talking and laughing. Maybe next year I will get some smiles. Like these. But with cute clothes and brushed hair.


denverdoni said...

OMG! Your kids have got to be the cutest babies on the face of the earth. Those pics are hilarious!And I am not just saying that because I am their grandma. You know I am not biased or anything. They really are!

Marissa said...

Yes. I agree. I am not biased either!!