Saturday, November 22, 2008

Too Much Chaos

We made it to the park the other day, but I forgot the camera. It was fun. Both of the kids had fun on the swings.

I have been trying to organize my life. I have always wanted to be an organized person, and after today I wish I had actually done something about it. Before, you know, NOW. What happened today you ask. Let me tell you. Roy is buying a truck from a guy he works with. He is giving this guy his truck, a wonderful 1986 Toyota, as part of the payment. So he needs his title to give him. And of course we don't have any specific place to keep such items (in my defence, we did have a place in our old house, I just haven't gotten around to making one here). Roy started looking for it last night, in our room. But couldn't find it. I called my Dad to see if it was left there when we moved out, but it wasn't. So I start tearing boxes apart looking everywhere for it. Long story short, it was on the shelf in Roy's closet. The first place he looked. If I had somewhere to keep everything like that, I could avoid the whole mess. So today I am going to Target and BigLots to get stuff and get organized. I will take before and after pictures. Wish me luck!!

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