Monday, January 12, 2009

We Bought A Lemon

So the truck Roy bought had problems from the get go. It was stalling on him and sputtering real bad. When he bought it the guy he bought it from (Mark) said that if the problem ended up costing too much money they could trade trucks back (we gave him Roy's truck and 400.00 the day Roy picked the truck up and were making payments to him for the rest of the balance). Mark said he would take money off the cost of the truck and we could wait to start paying him until Feb. since he would have to pay to fix it himself if we took it back to him. We took it to Mark's brother in law's shop to be fixed. It took him three and a half weeks to fix and cost 300.00 more than estimated (for a total of 1800.00 which Roy borrowed from his boss). The truck is still stalling and sputtering, which the shop said would happen for about a month while it blows out a bunch of stuff, and then today the truck broke again. Roy called me, I called my Dad, my Dad called Roy and went to look at it. It is some big part which will cost about 300.00 for the part not to mention the labor.

Roy called Mark and told him that we can't afford another 600.00 to fix it and they need to trade back. Mark was a bit mad but agreed, his big worry was the loan we had from their boss for the repairs. Roy was worried he had lost a friend but I told him not to worry, of course Mark was mad but it would be okay. Then his BIL called Roy and told him the agreement he and Mark had come up with so there would be no hard feelings. Mark will give us $300, and since we didn't pay him for Dec. or Jan. yet we would pay off the loan for the repairs. This way no one will end up in court. That means that for a truck we had in our possession for 3 weeks, we paid him $400 already (which we weren't asking for back), he is giving us $300, and we have to pay off a $1500 loan. We are now out $1600 for a piece of crap we had for 3 weeks. I am so mad I can't even think straight right now. We are going to get the wonderful (I mean that seriously) 1986 Toyota truck tonight.

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Sparkliesunshine said...

Ugg! That is horrible. I hate paying money for all things car related and nothing is worse than a car that just keeps having things go wrong with it. I so feel for you.

Hopefully it will get fixed up and you can put it behind you.