Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Our Night At Chuck E Cheese. In Pictures.

We had such a fun time at C.E.C. Marly, Jay & Andrea all came with us. Morgan had so much fun that the first thing she said this morning was "Can we co to Chuck E Cheese today?". Here are the pictures.

Grandma came over and brought Morgan a Care Bears balloon and some new books.

This ride was Morgan's favorite. She rode it about 20 times.

Thank you Marly for the cool light up cups!!

Carter wasn't too sure what to think of this ride. Somebody took his shoes off and by the end of this ride his other sock was off too.

We ended up with 700 tickets. With 700 tickets you can get a stuffed basketball, a stuffed football, a plastic thing that the top pops off of when squeezed, a slinky, two bracelets and an airhead candy.

This ride was a big hit too.

Carter liked it too.

I don't think Andrea knows about this blog, but if I suddenly stop writing, I am wrong and she killed me for putting this picture on here!!

Morgan actually fell asleep holding her balloon. It was "a tiny bit cold" so she put the string under her Yo Ho Ho (HOHOHO) blankie with her.


Sparkliesunshine said...

Looks like you guys had a great time!

BigSis said...

You know I really DO think Morgan looks like Anna-boo!