Monday, January 26, 2009

Morgan's Max & Ruby Party

Even without any licensed party stuff Morgan's Max & Ruby party was a huge success. This cake is made with an edible cake topper that I got from ebay.

This personalized banner also came from ebay

Here she is twenty minutes before party time.

But when all of her friends got here she was ready to have fun. It was pretty nice outside and the kids were able to run around outside for a while.

Cassidy taught Morgan how to properly apply her makeup for such an event.

See how beautiful.

Morgan loves blowing out her birthday candles.

As promised, I made a Worm Cake. It was the talk of the party and tasted pretty good too.

(I have edited this post to include the recipe for this worm cake at the bottom of this post, I seem to get quite a few hits from google searches for the recipe)

Carter & TaTa agree.

Poor David was told he couldn't have any cake.

TaTa and Matthew helped Morgan open her presents. She was very excited about the scrapbook Marly made her.

Hannah & Cassidy tried to teach Morgan how to play Candy Land but (according to their Mom) they are too bossy to teach a three year old.

Carter decided that the huge bear from Great Grandma Ruth was a great resting place.

Then he decided to hang out with this guy.

And then it was time to say goodbye.

Worm Cake Recipe

3 round chocolate cakes

2 boxes of chocolate pudding (that is what I used, frosting might work too but I didn't think it would give the mud look I wanted)

Gummy Worms

Red Dots

Chocolate Graham Cracker Crumbs (I couldn't find the regular size crackers so I used Teddy Grahams and crushed them in the food processor)

Layer the cakes with pudding in between the layers.

"Ice" the cakes all over with the remaining pudding.

Sprinkle the graham cracker crumbs on top and put the worms in so they look like they are crawling out, make sure you put some coming out of the sides. Put the dots on top of the cake.

I would not recommend assembling this cake the night before because the pudding soaks in to the cake and makes it come apart a little.


Lost In Splendor said...

Cute! Looks like the party was a success. Also that dirt cake looks really interesting. What is it?

Marissa said...

It is chocolate cake with pudding and chocolate graham cracker crumbs with gummy worms and dots. It is a big thing on Max & Ruby.