Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Mouse Among Us

I have so many things I want to post about. But if I try to do it all in one post it will turn into a bunch of mixed up babble. So I will start with the smaller one while I try to figure out how I want to discuss the BIG one. Bear with me.

I hate mice. They terrify me to no end. In our old house we had a terrible mouse infestation. When I know there are mice in a house I feel more uncomfortable than I can explain. I feel like I cannot go where I want to. I have to stay in the same spot because that is the only place I know for sure there isn't a mouse.

I am going to go a little off of the mouse subject for a moment to tell you about my husband. Again, bear with me. The two stories are related. I love him but my husband has different levels of irritating behaviors. While some of them are merely annoying others could be the direct cause if our marriage ever fails.

Roy got some new boots that he needed to waterproof. And instead of going out to the garage like most people would do he came down to the basement to spray them. Now yes, the can stated it was safe to spray in the house. I know that, but why would anyone spray the stinky stuff in the basement right next to the play area and my computer? I still don't have an answer to that. Well I do but this is supposed to be a family blog. When I came downstairs and smelled the stuff I commented on it and he told me he opened the window. The only window in our house that doesn't have a screen on it. I cannot prove that the two are connected, but now, we have a mouse. So I am afraid to come down to my computer, I am afraid to let my kids play in the playroom. Everywhere I go in my house I have to peek around corners before entering the room. I am scanning every bit of my house looking for mouse poop. And I am blaming my husband.


Sparkliesunshine said...

Eww! Mice are the worst. We had a problem a few year back and hearing them in the wall seriously makes my skin crawl.

On the husband issues, I can relate to level 1. My girlfriend and I have only been together a year and a half, but she has been unemployed for about a year of that time and STILL she is tired all the time and constantly wanting to take naps. How is this possible? How am I the one getting up early to go to work and when I get home you want to take a nap? How?

I can see how everything else you mentioned would be even more infuriating.

denverdoni said...

No comment.

Ummm, well, OK, one comment. Maybe he would like a cute little rotty puppy to to take his naps with. How soon they forget!

Sparkliesunshine, that is depression. Your GF probably is depressed from not being able to find a job and can't find a job because she is too depressed. Hope things get better for her soon, and you!

BigSis said...

I hate to stop the R bashing, but I seriously doubt that one instance of an open window is responsible for the mouse. It's possible I suppose, but not provable nor likely. Mice are pretty swift, just watch Ratatouille! haha.

Marissa said...

I agree with the depression Sparklie. I know that is part of what is going on here with a lot of our problems. And BigSis. Mice are swift, one open window could easily be the cause. I hadn't seen a mouse in here before that happened. On the plus side he did two things yesterday that were on my list (without me mentioning anything about them) he went to the bank and ate dinner with us. I am going to talk with him about all of this before things get out of hand. Again.