Friday, January 2, 2009

Starting 2009 Right

New years eve was fun. I was worried for a little bit because Roy wasn't feeling good (kidney stone) and I thought it was going to be just me & the kids. But he livened up for me and we played the "You Might Be A Redneck" game while we ate, I talked to Kaisha a few times and read some of the questions from the game to her and Mark and their friend Irene. Irene is more of a redneck than K&M.

Yesterday Roy and I sat and played Mario Kart all day. Morgan watched Horton Hears A Who a million times and Carter played and napped. When he woke up from one of his naps Roy brought him downstairs and stood him up in the middle of the room. Roy sat in front of him and (drumroll please) Carter walked two steps to get Roy. He took his first steps. YAYYY. Of course we made him do it 500 more times. I tried to get video but (of course) every time I pointed the camera at him ha sat down and crawled to me. I will get one soon. I promise.

Now that everything is over I (Morgan is helping) am planning a Max and Ruby party for Morgan's 3rd birthday this month (stop laughing Mom). Her first birthday party was huge, because I invited all of our family. Last year I didn't invite all of the family but it still seemed large. Both of these parties were at my parents house. Where there is room for a lot of people. This year I want to invite kids and a good amount of family too. I am debating on what to do. My house isn't that big. Actually that isn't even the real problem. I don't have seating. My kitchen table only has three chairs because one broke a couple of years ago. I plan on getting a new dining set when Carter is out of a highchair. I have one couch and a window seat. I know that these things work themselves out. They always do. I can have Roy bring in some patio chairs and the folding chairs we do have.

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