Monday, March 23, 2009

Really, I Don't Get What The Big Deal Is.

Everyday when Morgan helps me clean up her stuff that has been scattered about the house I give her a quarter. She gets another quarter for brushing her teeth. She puts her money in a jar and then wants to count it every night. Her jar was full and I told her we could go cash it in and she could pick out a new toy. She very excitedly told me she knew what she wanted and said it was the new "Totally Styling Tattoo Barbie". Now if you are a regular reader of my blog (or even if this is your first time here) you know I have a few tattoos. And you might know that I have a drawer in my kitchen that has temporary tattoos in it for Morgan. If you have visited my Flickr page you have seen this picture, which has been viewed 112 times, where you can see a couple of her tattoos.

So on Saturday we went to the store and cashed in her change. She had about 21.00. Just enough to buy her Barbie (before tax). We came home and started playing with it. It comes with a sheet of stickers for Barbie's tattoos, four shirts, a skirt and a pair of jeans you can tattoo, two sheets of temporary tattoos and a tattoo gun, which is basically a water gun with a sponge on the end. You place the tattoo on the end of the sponge and put it on whatever you are tattooing and push down. It makes a noise like a tattoo gun. We were laughing so hard at this. Morgan tattooed everything she could.

Here is my issue. This is the second Barbie to come out with tattoos. The first one was removed from stores because so many parents were outraged about the doll. And now this one is drawing a lot of attention from parents who don't want their daughters (or sons) playing with this doll that has tattoos. Why? I have read a lot on this issue and the big argument is that Barbie represents an age that a lot of people get tattoos they later regret. It is a doll. If you don't like it, don't buy it. I do not feel like I am a bad parent because I let Morgan buy a doll that comes with tattoos. I feel like it is my job as a parent to teach my kids how to make the best decisions about life including tattoos. If they get a tattoo they later regret I will not blame Mattel or the Barbie doll Morgan had when she was three. And no, I also will not blame myself. Our kids are going to do stuff that they regret and we don't agree with. It is life. For now, I am going to have to buy more Barbie tattoos, since the ones that came with the doll were gone by Sunday afternoon.

Here is a picture of the Barbie I bought my niece for her birthday. Call me crazy but to me the cup she is holding looks an awful lot like a glass that I use to drink alcohol out of. And she looks like she is going out to the club.


Marly CCL said...

You go, Momma! It'll be 4 years April 1st (co-incidentally April Fools Day) that Ben got his one and only tattoo. I might need a blog to show that one off! I love it because it is perfect for him; I love yours (especially the kids' names); and I love Roys' but if he ever puts weight on his legs those are gonna be some big ones (you know which ones I mean). Not for me but maybe someday I'll get a peace sign or classic pooh and piglet strolling hand-in-hand. Morgan looks happy with her Barbie and that's what counts. xoxoxo

rainbowcreek said...

If you regret any of your tats it is none of my business and I never bought you a tattoo Barbie, although you know I would have if you wanted one :)

By the time Mo is old enough to get one she will probably think they are "stupid" and you know why, cause mom and dad have them!

BTW, I looked at wally's for more tattoos yesterday and didn't see any. Good luck with that.

Lost In Splendor said...

I'm with Rainbowcreek, I have tattoos and my mom never bought me a tattoo barbie.

I actually think this doll looks like a lot of fun. I have no problem with it and I would buy it for my daughter. (I actually want one for me!)

I would have more to say about Sleazy Nightclub Martini Barbie. That's just me.

Kaisha said...

Yay Missy! I think the tattoo Barbie is awesome. I see tons of kids with temp tats all the time, and I'm sure their parents would buy that Barbie too!

As for the sleazy Martini drinking Club Hoppin' Barbie that you bought for my A, I like her too! At least she doesn't look like a super slut like those AWFUL Bratz! Thank god they're off the market!

PS. I think you should go buy another tat Barbie for your collection.

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