Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Is It Really March 3rd?

I complain about living in Colorado a lot. But days like we have been having for the past month or so make it hard. The weather has been absolutely beautiful. The high yesterday and today was hovering around 75 degrees. That's warmer than parts of Florida. Everyday the weather reporter tells us to get our shorts out, and then reminds us that March is usually our snowiest month. I have been grilling every night, leaving the doors and windows open all day, Morgan and Carter want to be outside all day playing in the sandbox (or carrying a shovel around as Carter does). And then today Morgan told me to come see what she found. I had to dig a little, and keep in mind it is technically winter so everything needs cleaned up before spring, but these are my tulips and lillies. Growing. On March 3rd. I am really having spring/summer fever now. I want to start planting my flowers and a little container garden, and our big garden at Marly's house (who by the way will be my topic tomorrow, it's good, I promise). But I know. The snow will come. It was only five years ago that we had a blizzard in March, so it happens. 70's for 3 weeks and then bam, 3 feet of snow. So if you are sick of the snow where you live, come to Colorado. We really aren't buried in snow all year.


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my crocuses were in bloom last week. how much ice & snow did you get, kaisha? =0)