Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Carter's Birthday Party

I have so many posts to write but I will start with this one. I am keeping it simple with a picture post, that will make my Dad happy since he only stops by to see new pictures of the kids ;~). And then tomorrow I will post about our "vacation" with sick kids and what the heck I've been up to.

I decided to keep things simple for Carter's party this year (and caught a lot of slack for it since I have always been a big birthday party planner) and had just a small party. A few people I invited didn't come but we still had a lot of fun. I bought 4 premade sub sandwiches (and only needed 2) and had chips and dip, olives and pickles and a premade bakery cake.

This cake had nothing on it. I had the store write on it and I added the Hot Wheels cars to "boy it up".

Carter waiting patiently for his cake.

Which he obviously liked.

A Lot.

Uncle Matthew loves to help open presents.

"I think I'll try this"

Carter wouldn't keep the cute hat Andrea made him (which I thought I had a picture of but guess I don't) on his head but liked this one enough to keep it on for a few minutes.

I've heard stories that David is a grumpy baby, but I don't see it. Maybe that's because every time I see him he is in his TaTa's lap.

I love Ab's hair in this one. I remember fixing Morgan's like this and everyone laughing at me. (don't kill me Kelly, this picture is too cute not to put on here).

So there are the pictures from the party. It was a lot of fun and I can't thank everyone enough for coming and for all of the cute clothes and the very cool Lightning McQueen back pack (which of course Carter is "sharing" with Morgan).


Kaisha said...

Why would Leki kill you? I think she looks FAB! And Abby's hair IS cute too!

Marly CCL said...

It was a wonderful party. I come for the pictures, too! Make sure you post to Clark. Wish we had a video of Abby swinging her cute little hips to the Mario thing on the tv from the wii, or whatever that thing was. xoxoxo

Marissa said...

I think Kelly looks great but I have also known her long enough to know the next time I talk to her she will make a comment about her picture being on my blog!!