Thursday, March 19, 2009

We Took A Vacation?????

So my Mom hadn't seen her parents in about three years (I hadn't either) and has been wanting to go see them in Illinois. We would make a plan but something would come up and we couldn't go. I called her a few weeks ago and asked when she wanted to go out there. We decided to go and surprise my Grandma for her birthday (which is also Carter's birthday). Since it was a surprise I didn't write anything about it in case my Grandma stopped by to see what I've been up to (and for pictures of the kids).

I had Carter's party on the 7th and we left on the 8th (Sunday). To drive to Illinois in a Ford Focus with two kids. On Monday before we left the hotel to continue our drive Carter threw up all over me. Twice. We thought it was because we fed him a bunch of junky food that he is not used to and the confusion of being away from home that caused it. By mid afternoon he wasn't throwing up any more but seemed like he was still sick.

We arrived at my Grandparents house Monday afternoon. They were so surprised. They hadn't seen Morgan since she was five months old and this was the first time they met Carter. The look on their faces made it worth the trip. We hung out for a little while and went to our hotel room for the night. On Tuesday we went to see my gp's, then Morgan and I went to the hotel pool while my Mom got Carter to take a nap. We went back to gp's for the birthday dinner. After dinner, Morgan threw up. Everywhere. In my Grandma's very clean house. It was bad. I'm so smart I again started blaming food and juice (not wanting to admit what it was). She threw up all night until about 3am.
On Wednesday I stayed in the hotel room with the kids since they were still not feeling too great. My mom went to gp's house. My Grandpa called right after she left and told me that my Grandma was sick now. When my Mom came back we ordered a pizza. We were planning on leaving Thursday but were worried one of us would get sick on our drive home. We got up Thursday and everyone seemed a little better and Mom and I were fine so we left. We stopped by to tell my gp's goodbye and found out my Aunt was sick now too. We got the hell out of there before anyone else got it and came after us. This was so quickly spread I don't know how my Mom or I didn't get it. But thank god we didn't.

On the plus side, my kids are the best traveler's in the world. They rode 2000 miles in a car and didn't complain once. Well Morgan complained a little when I told her that the patch of grass on the side of the highway wasn't a rest stop and she had to wait to get home to play outside. She responded with "I want to play in this outside". I can truly take these kids anywhere.

And we got to witness the beginning of the Sandhill Crane Migration in Nebraska (quite an event amongst bird watcher's I guess considering there is a live "Crane Cam"). I am scared of birds and kept thinking of the movie. I swear it was like a bunch of bird tornadoes. One of the groups we saw was at least a half mile long and two blocks upward coming off the ground.

Since we basically stayed in the hotel room the whole time these are the only pictures I took. I will get more this summer when we go back.

This was our first night. The calm before the puking.

Carter wanted to see what Grandma brought.

The first morning. Right after Carter got sick. Morgan was fine still.

Going swimming.

I put Carter on the bed with us and he crawled over and put his head on Morgan's tushy and fell asleep.

Feeling better.

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Lost In Splendor said...

Sounds like you guys had a great trip. I'm glad your kids are such great travelers and that you're not afraid to take them long distances. My parents took me on lots of car trips when I was little and I loved it. I hope I get to do that with my kids.

That picture of Carter cuddling up to Morgan is too precious for words.