Thursday, April 2, 2009

Well Hello Again

Do you ever feel like you have been really busy but when you actually try to figure out what you have been doing you can't think of anything that would make you busy? That is how I feel right now. Since we got back from our trip it has seemed like I am constantly going, going, going. But when I decided to post here I don't really know what to write about. So here is a post about nothing.

I got my Wii Fit. I have had it for 38 days. I haven't used it every day, I couldn't exactly take it to Illinois with me, but I have lost ten pounds since I started using it and dieting. Yes I am on an official diet. For the first time in my life. Well, one that I have stuck with longer than it takes to get to the closest Taco Bell. I will post an update every few weeks with my progress Yay Me!!

Remember all of those posts I wrote about how warm it has been here? Well, I knew it would end at some point, and it did. Last week. The week after it was close to 80 degrees all week, we had a blizzard. We only got about a foot of snow at my house but we are kind of blocked from the snow where we live. It snowed all day Thursday and in the morning on Friday.

My Deck

Morgan couldn't wait to play in the snow

She made a little snow man (which I thought I had a picture of but I guess not)

And then on Sunday it was pretty warm out. Yes, warm enough for a baby to play with snow (for the first time) in a diaper and t shirt.

He thought it was great.

And now this week it had been cold and warm. It snowed a little last night and we are supposed to get a big storm Saturday. I am just ready for summer.

Well I guess that's about all I have for today. I am going shopping with my Mom for stuff to make invitation for my cousin's fiance's wedding shower. That will be fun.


Marly CCL said...

Morgan talked about the snowman but I didn't realize it was on the north side of your home. She said it existed so I know it did, even without a picture. I'm bringing a flashdrive to your computer to download pics. Thanks for sharing! xoxoxo

Lost In Splendor said...

I still totally want a Wii Fit. All the pictures are so adorable. It looks like a lot of fun!