Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Why I Am Going Green (Kind Of)

I never jumped at the whole "Go Green" movement or way of life. I have two small children and recycling is not the easiest or most convenient thing to do in Colorado. In most cities you have to hire trash companies that offer recycling for a cost that I always thought was a bit high. I mean, when you have two small kids and are living on one income that sort of thing is not at the top of the list. But when we moved into our town home we are lucky enough to have city trash service. Along with the trash service they offer free recycling. So I signed up for our dumpster.
But I will admit, I was doing it for a kind of selfish reason. I am too cheap to buy a bigger trash can for my kitchen (come on, have you seen the price of these? I have diapers to buy people!! I'm not green enough to use cloth diapers) and I was sick of having to empty my small one every day. I started looking at our trash and realized that between the bottles and cans and boxes I could recycle my tiny trash can would only need emptied every third day. So we started recycling.
And now I am the proud owner of reusable grocery bags. Again this was kind of a selfish reason. All of the grocery stores around here have big boxes in the entry for recycling plastic bags. But I always out them under my sink and forgot about taking them with me until they were jumping out at me when I opened the cabinet door, and at that point I would have to carry the bags along with Carter while I was holding Morgan's hand. It was not easy. The other day I was looking for something under the sink and this is what I pulled out.

Yes, I took them to the big box in the store.

And these are my (selfish) reasons for going what I would call light green. Happy Earth Day!!

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Marly CCL said...

I'll be un-green and ask for any of your plastic bags. I have 6 kitties to scoop for twice a day. And no, that stuff does not go into the compost. Oh wait, the composting is to begin in earnest after the wedding. =0)