Friday, May 8, 2009

One Small Step (very very small)

Something I don't talk about much is potty training. That is because I have never done it. Morgan is allergic to dairy and we have had a lot of issues with her pooing. We have had trips to the ER, nights with no sleep and we have gone through more A&D ointment than a tattoo shop uses in a year. I really think the "issues" are the main reason potty training hasn't happened yet. There is also a small control thing going on too, but I don't really like to bring up the fact that I am being played by a three year old.

I have brought up her using the potty daily for the last year and a half. I have tried two different types of training seats, the traditional one that is a mini toilet with the "tray" you empty and a mini toilet seat that you place over the big one (this is the one I let her pick out herself trying to make it her deal), She told me it scared her.

I bought her panties (again, that she picked out), which she insisted I put over her diaper. I wouldn't, but she figured out how to do it herself.

I have tried every bribe I could. She wants to take ballet classes, go to preschool, stay the night at her Grandma and TaTa's house. I told her she could do all three of those things when she was potty trained. When we are at the store and she sees a toy she wants I tell her I will buy it for her when she is potty trained. To all of these she replied "Maybe Later" or "I'm scared to go on the potty".

Last night we were going up the stairs for bath time and I had a diaper in my hand. She told me she didn't want a diaper. I knew she meant that she wanted to take a bath and doesn't want one on in the tub, but I took this as a great opportunity to try the potty. I put her panties on her after the bath and we went downstairs with the promise of rainbow sherbet. This was not as pleasant as one might think it would be. The whole time (including in the bath) she was screaming so loud about wanting a diaper that I though the ringing in my head would never stop.

After a couple of bites of sherbet she started crying and screaming that she wanted a diaper. I told her she had to sit on the potty and pee and then she could have her diaper for bedtime. We went in to the bathroom and sat for 5-10 minutes (she screamed for about 3 of those minutes until I got out the hair clips and let her pick out which ones I should put in my hair) and then she finally went pee. I was so excited and gave her big praise, she started yelling at me for her diaper.

It was the first step in what I think will be a long long battle.


rainbowcreek said...

Congrats on the first step. Think of it as a journey, not a battle. Like they always say, choose your fights wisely. love ya!

Karolienkie said...

Wahoo Morgan - or either Wahoo for the momma :)

For my youngest it took forever also.... He was almost 4 before he was completely finished. He earned money for feeding our dog, thus he had to pay for his diapers.... 25c a piece, it worked - no money no diaper :)

Good luck she will get it - patience momma :)