Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter And A Bridal Shower

I haven't written in what seems like forever. I was so busy planning Easter and then Samantha's bridal shower, I just didn't have time. I had plenty to write about, just not the time. So here is a re cap of everything.

Easter was nice. Morgan was sick on Saturday night so I was up with her all night, but I managed (with some help) to get everything done. My plan was to have everyone arrive at 2 and hang out for a while then we would do the outside (plastic) egg hunt, and then we would come inside and eat. But I was so tired and the weather was rainy and cold so that didn't happen. What did happen was that everyone was her by 2:15 and sat around talking and watching tv until 5:30 when the food was finally ready. Had I not been up all night with Morgan I would have been more on top of everything and my timing would have been adjusted for no egg hunt and dinner would have been ready earlier. But it was what it was. Everyone had a lot of fun and the food was delicious. Here are a few pictures.

My Easter Tulips

Coloring eggs. She wasn't feeling good but pretended to have a good time.

Carter tried to make her feel better. But it didn't seem to work.

This was actually the day after Easter. She refused to take her outfit off until Tuesday.

Carter decided to rest in David's car seat.

Morgan making him comfy.

David took his seat back.

Dessert table.

The best appetizer in the world. Jalapenos with cream cheese wrapped in bacon. I put them back in the oven on broil for a few minutes to get the bacon crisp, after I took this picture.

And then on Monday after Easter was over I started assembling the favor bags for the shower. I made 25 bags and each one had a scrubbie soap, two candles, citrus slice soap, rootbeer float bath salt and raspberry lemonade bath salt (which I don't have a picture of). I made all of this.

And my Mom made the food except the cake which was made by my friend Hillori.

And some beautiful ladies showed up for our tea party.

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Marly CCL said...

Post those pics to Clark! I need that one of Grandma and Matt! Love it!