Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Weekend. With Pictures.

I was sick all weekend. I had a kidney infection. In both kidney's. I really thought at one point that I was going to die. I made Roy promise to take care of the kids as well as I do. When he asked if I wanted him to take me to the hospital I replied "I am NOT going to wake the kids up just so I can go die at the hospital". He started laughing at me and assured me I was not dying. He of course was right. I just needed some antibiotics and some pain medicine and two days on the couch. I am all better now.
I took the kids down to see my parents on Sunday. The plan was the kids would hang out with TaTa and my Mom and Marly and I would make invitations for Sam's (my cousin Ben's (Marly's son) fiance) bridal shower.
I was in so much pain that I wanted to stay home but I had promised Morgan we were going to see them (that'll teach me to make promises in order to get her to go to sleep) so I went, and since I was driving I couldn't take any (real) pain medicine. By the time we got there Mom & Marly had already designed the invitation and had decided to cut everything out and Marly would take them home and assemble them. I literally just sat there watching them do all of this. I told them I would be busy next week making candles and soap for party favors. I think they knew I was in a lot of pain and said it was fine for me to sit.
I am going to spend the rest of this week getting ready to have everyone over for Easter and then next week I am going to turn my kitchen into a candle/soap making lab. And I even have a surprise that involves pulling out my sewing machine ;~). So be sure to check that out next week. For now, I am going to get back to making my lists of things I need for all of my upcoming events.

An Avon box makes a great ride!!

This is the hat and purse that go with Morgan's Easter outfit. She didn't want to wear the hat but Carter did.

Then he ditched them for a tape measure. Such a boy.

Why would she want to wear this cute hat with her pretty Easter outfit Grandma made her when it goes so well with a Harley shirt and diaper?

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Marly CCL said...

A wonderful day it was. I'm glad you made it even though you were feeling like crap. And you made it in that lousy weather. Bravo! Your company was appreciated. And we got pic of little Miss Morgan not only smiling, but LAUGHING. That is a memory in itself. And I'm going to call her on it in the future. What, you need TaTa to make you laugh?!?!?!? I love you very much, Marly