Thursday, February 5, 2009

Our Week(end)

I know it is Thursday and another weekend is right around the corner but since this is my first real post this week, due to some completely unpredictable internet problems (I forgot to pay the bill but I am going with unpredictable, it just sounds better) so I am going to start with our weekend. We had a special visitor this weekend.

This is Lola. She used to be our (my) dog but when we moved in to our town home we gave her to Matthew and Krystal since we don't have a yard and I can't really see putting Carter in a stroller and walking two (our Lab went to live with Roy's aunt) dogs when it is snowing (if it ever snows again here). But we went over to Matthew & Krystal's on Saturday so I could help Krystal figure out her new computer we brought her home. It was sweet to see her play with Morgan again and she slept in Morgan's bed both nights she was here. And then on Super Bowl Sunday Chris and Kelley came over and brought another visitor

This is Hailey. She is 11 weeks old. It was so funny because she wanted to play with Lola but every time she would go near her Lola would growl at her, Hailey was scared of Morgan and would run from her but loved Carter who wanted nothing to do with any of it. This all confirmed for me that we definitely do not need a dog. No matter how cute they are.

Speaking of Super Bowl Sunday. That was the best game I saw all year. I have never got so into a game when it was a team other than the Broncos. And my menu was a huge hit.

Another great thing about this week is that the weather her has been so perfect. I'm talking 70 degrees. In February. I grilled steaks last night. Outside. I know Colorado is supposed to be some sort of Arctic according to some people, but you are just as likely to get a sunburn in February as in July. It has been great. The mountains are getting some snow and down here, we are in t shirts and jeans. Yesterday, I wore my flip flops.

Matthew is healing pretty well and will hopefully be able to go back to work soon. But since he is home all day and night (and I think Krystal has told him he has to take at least 5 hours of his awake time and not play video games) he has got real creative with his time. Using my sweet little nephew. These pictures aren't the best quality.

Matt took one of David's onsies that was a little snug and cut the bottom and the sleeves off of it and "Decorated" it. It is a little fuzzy but is says "Mommy Beater" as opposed to a traditional "Wife Beater Tank Top".

The proud Dad.

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37 Questions said...

Okay, that Mommy Beater is totally cracking me up.