Friday, February 20, 2009

Flashback Friday; A Night Out

It's Flashback Friday time!! This has been so much fun to do (even though I am still waiting on that box of pictures, Mom) and I can't thank Anne Glamore enough times for hosting it. Not only has it been fun for me to go through my old pictures, but reading other people's stories and seeing the pictures they use to tell the story, is great. So be sure to go check it out.

There was a time long ago, that I could go out every night of the week (remember those days?). And I did. I was also skinny and had blond hair. But of all the nights I went out there was one that was really special to me. I had hears an ad on the radio for "The Vagina Monologues" and decided that I would take my sister and Kelly to see it. We had so much fun. We went and had extremely overpriced drinks and appetizers and then went to the show. It really did make us laugh and cry and almost fall out of our chair (that could have been caused a little by the overpriced drinks).

This picture was taken right before we left. (It has really inspired me to diet and exercise).


Ladybird said...

Oh, I miss 'those' girl nights! Martinis, cute dresses and my hair didn't smell like baby spitup!

Kaisha said...

Awesome! I'll never forget that night. Although I still preferred the Sex and the City Cosmo nights to that!

PS Love the new background. I didn't like the first new one you had it was too manly. Paisley is much better! =)

Kaisha said...

One more thing, I'm glad that picture inspires you, I look terrible! Urgh. Wait, didn't I have a tiny baby at that time? Do I have an excuse?

Marissa said...

Not only did you have a tiny you were (unknowingly) pregnant with another tiny baby.