Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Our Newest Addiction

We also have Ledgend's Of Rock but I took this picture the night we bought it

I am not into video games. My vg skills are stuck way back with Super Mario Bro's 3 (yes, that would be the Super Nintendo when everything was still left to right). Once games got 3D and you had to start figuring out what you were looking for and how to get where you need to go to get it, (you know, when they became good) I gave up. But last year when I saw Target advertising the Wii one Sunday in July, I wanted one and went and got it. I wanted one for three reasons. The Wii Fit, Guitar Hero and Super Mario Kart (which I bought Roy for Christmas). I had played Mario Kart before and had so much fun with it. The Wii Fit I wanted because I had read so many great things about it. And Guitar Hero I had heard was fun but I really kind of thought it would be one of those games I insist I will play to convince Roy to shell out the hundred bucks and then it would collect dust in the original packaging until he dusted it off and played it by himself. Was I ever wrong.
When we went to get Lola from Matthew's house I saw his GH Guitar sitting out and asked if it was fun. He let me try it and we ended up sitting there (Roy, Matthew, Krystal and I) playing it for about 7 hours that day. By Thursday that week I took the Target gift cards we had left from Christmas and bought it. I cannot quit playing this game. My hand is cramped from the guitar, but on I go. And I must say that for someone with no video game coordination, I am pretty good. Yes, I am still on easy, but hey, it's only been a couple of weeks and we don't play every night, we do have two small kids and we can only ignore the for so long to play games. So that is my newest addiction (like I needed another one). I recommend* this game to anyone who wants to find something they can do with their significant other.
Now I have to find enough money to get my Wii Fit...
* This is my own personal opinion and review. I was not asked or paid to give it or write this.


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