Friday, February 27, 2009

Flashback Friday; What I Was Doing 9 1/2 Years Ago

I love 80's hair bands. Sad, I know, but I am one of those people that could never get over listening to Bret Michaels sing Nothing But A Good Time and Something To Believe In. I still think Nikki Sixx will see me in the crowd and insist I run away with him. And don't even get me started on Bon Jovi. When these bands were at the height of their popularity I was still playing on the monkey bars in elementary school. So needless to say, I didn't get to see them in concert at that time. Even though I begged my Mom to take me.

But when I was 19 Motley Crue was coming to play a show for one of the radio stations Birthday Bash concerts. I didn't care that it was the Greatest Hits Tour. I was going to go. I was working at KMart at the time and I went and asked this guy (Erik), that I had talked to just enough to know his name and that he had a girlfriend, if him and his girlfriend (Barbra) wanted to go to the concert with me. He said yes and we went and it was a blast. The following summer (1999) Motley Crue came back with The Scorpions (dream come true) and we bought tickets to go. But Barbra's Grandma died so she couldn't go. We went and had fun anyway. We decided that we should go on a road trip to see the show again since Barbra couldn't go. We picked Vegas.

This was quite possibly one of the best times I have ever had in my life. We drove out to Vegas and stayed in the Excalibur hotel. It didn't matter that none of us were 21 and couldn't gamble or drink. We went and saw everything. The Harley Davidson Cafe, Planet Hollywood, The Hard Rock Cafe, we rode the New York New York roller coaster. I have been to Vegas twice since then and both times were a blast, but something about it being a road trip with the only purpose being to see two washed out 80's hair bands was so fun and exciting.

It is hard to see but on the screen it is advertising the concert.

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