Friday, February 6, 2009

Flashback Friday: It's The Inner Beauty That Counts

This weeks theme for Flashback Friday, hosted by Anne Glamore from My Tiny Kingdom is It's The Inner Beauty That Counts. Be sure to go visit her site to see what other people are posting about.

I am sure somewhere in a box at my Mom's house there are plenty of pictures that are way worse than these (one or two might involve a mullet) but this is all I could come up with with the pictures I have here.

When I was little I was skinny with stringy hair and really bad teeth. I mean really bad teeth, I had to have two teeth removed from the roof of my mouth because they were extra and upside down, I had braces for 5 years and they should have stayed on longer but the orthodontist left it up to me if I wanted to keep them on to fix my over bite. I was 17. What would you have done? But the pictures I chose don't show that. These are 1986. The year I turned 7, which I think is when the awkward stages of life really begin.

I loved this sweatshirt. It was a Mary Lou Retton sweatshirt. So Cool.

I look like a boy in this picture.

Super skinny. If only your metabolism stayed the same as when you were an awkward kid.

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