Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wood Fairy Princess Halloween Costume & A Monkey Gone Wrong

I had (am still having) a heck of a time finding costumes for the kids. I went to 3 stores and found that they either had two or three costumes to choose from or the girls costumes were, how should I put it, too adult. My BF Kelly told me she had just seen a Sock Monkey costume at her Super Target, which is great, except she lives a ways away from me and I didn't really feel like loading the kids up and driving for a half an hour on the hope they would still have one for Carter. But then I had the best idea ever. Matt lives by Kelly. He could go look for me. He reluctantly agreed. But when he got there, a baby sock monkey was not to be for my Halloween this year. There was however, a monkey with a banana sewn to it's hand. I said get it. It was all planned out, Matt would get the costume, take it to work with him, give it to my Dad, my Dad would bring it to me, I would give my Dad the $, he would give the $ to Matt. PERFECT!! All I had to do now was figure out what Morgan would be. My Mom said she had complete faith that I could make a wood fairy princess tutu for Morgan to wear and could get a shirt and tights and shoes for her and she would be the cutest thing in the world ( I may have added that last part, but I am sure my Mom meant to say that ; ), so off I went to get all of the items for the wfp costume. I got it all and got home excited for my new mission. In the middle of tying the strips of Thule to the elastic my Dad got here with the monkey. It was all working out perfectly, just as planned. Except the monkey was too short. It DOESN'T fit.

I managed to get the wfp finished and am very happy with it, and Matt said he would go to the other Target tomorrow and call me. I guess Carter won't be dressed up for boo at the zoo tomorrow, which Kelly says I am crazy for going to anyway. She is just a wuss.

So here are the pictures of the cutest unusable (in my house anyway) monkey costume in the world (that isn't a sock monkey) and the greatest wood fairy princess costume (without the actual princess in it, I didn't finish the thing until after midnight, I will post pictures tomorrow of her in it). See how cute it is with the banana.
Coming tomorrow, a Boo At The Zoo post, where I confirm Kelly's wussiness!!

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