Sunday, October 19, 2008

Busy Busy

We had quite a busy couple of days around here. I decided to go to the craft store and stock up on stuff for Morgan to do (instead of watching tv all day long). We bought felt, googly eyes, clothes pins, gems, pipe cleaners and some other stuff that I can't think of right now. I also bought fabric to make a quilt for Morgan (stop laughing). It actually came out pretty cute for it being the first thing I have sewn in years and years.

Yesterday we went over to my Mom & Dad's house and made pickles. We had to go to the farmer's market to get pickling cucumbers. When we got to the market there were a bunch of
pumpkins and Morgan was so excited. I told her she could pick one out (from the smaller pumpkins, I love supporting the local farmer's but I am not spending $20 or more on something I am going to cut up and leave on my porch to rot). So she picked out the cutest pumpkin I have ever seen. She was determined to carry it herself and impressively made it about 200-300 feet. It was the cutest thing I have seen but of course I forgot my camera. We got to my parent's house and made the pickles but my Mom didn't get the green beans so we couldn't make those. Again, I forgot my camera and have no pickle pictures. We ended up with 12 jars, I think, and one jar of pickle bites (some of the cucumbers were too long to fit in the jars so wee had to cut the ends off) that we made very spicy for Matt.

Then tonight we went to the White Fence Farm for my almost-sister-in-law's birthday. It is a pretty fun restraunt. They have stuff to buy and a petting zoo and they have great fried chicken. It is a family style place and they bring out the sides first. All Morgan wanted to eat were her french fries but Carter ate some corn fritters and french fries. After dinner we went to let Morgan pet a bull, a goat and look at some chickens and a big fat pig. She had a great time and Carter liked looking at the chickens.

We are going to go this week and get Morgan & Carter's Halloween costumes (or stuff to make one). Keep an eye out for that fun post!!

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