Thursday, October 16, 2008

She Stabbed Me!! She Stabbed Me!! Maybe it's just a scratch.

So. Like most 2 year olds, Morgan loves everything that isn't a toy that was purchased for her playing enjoyment. Anything from the kitchen is always a big hit, the bathroom is a great treasure chest as well, my bedroom, PERFECT! Today's tale is from the kitchen. She wasn't in to anything she shouldn't have been today. But apparently danger lurks EVERYWHERE.

In my kitchen I have a drawer full of straws (the same drawer that holds the temporary tattoos), and for the past few days Morgan has been getting the straws out of the drawer and insisting they are flowers. I tell her to put them back, she screams no and runs away, I tell her, again, to put them back, finally, after a few minutes of this, she listens. The other day while she was carrying the "flowers" around, I had this horrible vision of my eye getting stabbed with a straw, and it sticking in there (gross, I know). I though , "what would I do, pull it out myself or wait for an ambulance to get here?". I resolved this thinking by making Morgan put them away and deciding that I would move them after bed time. Of course I forgot. Little did I know, the regular bendy straws were not the ones I should worry about. Today, Morgan took a (too short) nap. She woke up because Carter was climbing on her. She woke up happy, but that was short lived. She quickly grew tired of her sweet baby brother using her as a jungle gym and came whining to me wanting to sit with me. She started to climb up on my lap and I felt the sharpest, quickest pain in my eye that I have ever felt. Unbeknown st to me she had a straw from a Capri Sun in her hand. The pointy end that punctures the pouch, scratched my eyeball. No it did not stick in there and an ambulance was not needed, just a tissue and the ability to calm a freaked out, apologizing 2 year old, and to be able to change a diaper while holding a tissue over on eye was needed. I of course was not mad at her for it, but she still freaked out when she realized I was hurt (because of her) and apologized a million times. I guess now I have to make sure the straw is attached to the pouch when she throws them away!!
Notice the sharp pointy end at the top of the photo.

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