Sunday, June 28, 2009

Winner Winner!!!

Have you noticed that very awesome button on the sidebar? That one right there that says "I won a Fabulous Fun Finds Freebie"? It is there for a reason. I won!!! I won the Hasbro, Swimways Pool Toys Giveaway. What does that include you ask? Let me tell you. In my prize package was a 20th anniversary reproduction Super Soaker 50. Sweet. A Tony Hawk Sub Skate. Awesome. And a Toypedo. Rad. Here are some pictures.

So on Friday Matthew & Krystal brought David over and we went swimming and got to play with the Sub Skate and the Toypedo. These are awesome toys. I know that when my niece and nephew come out next month they are going to have a lot of fun with these. So a big Thank You to Heather at Fabulous Fun Finds for hosting the awesome giveaways (go check out her site, she has a least one new giveaway or discount every day) and a big than you to my friend Karolien (who is getting ready to have a baby girl) for telling me about the site!!

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Karolienkie said...

Way to go girl....... I am still at home. Hospital is full:( We might be there before Lunchtime!!