Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Well It's A, Major Award!!!

I won something!! Recently Lindsay at Suburban Turmoil wrote a review for the new Macaroni Grill pre-packaged meals and had a giveaway to win a Macaroni Grill prize package. The prize was a colander, a hand held cheeses grater, a serving spoon and four (yes four) of the new packaged meals that you only have to add one or two ingredients to. Now, I don't really use the pre-made meals (Hamburger Helper type stuff) but I had tried one of these before and it was pretty good, which is why I entered.
And I won!!! I was so excited when I found out I was one of the winners, you would have thought I won money or something, but really four dinners is just as exciting to me. On Friday the doorbell rang and out mail man put a big box on the porch. here is what was in it.

Most of these say to add chicken to them, but on the side they have other ideas. So last night I made the Garlic and Herb one with Johnsonville Sweet Italian Sausage (if you have not tried this sausage run out right now and get it, it is the best). And I must say it was De. Lici. Ous. And, there was enough to feed all of us and have leftovers (which I ate for breakfast today). Another thing is that these really aren't very expensive, I checked at the store last night. They are under four dollars for a box. So with the price of the meat you can eat dinner for under ten dollars. That is pretty good.

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Karolienkie said...

yea for you!! Winning something is always fun:)) Try this for fun giveaways everyday - fabulousfunfinds.blogspot.com Right now they are doing an all boys giveaway!!

I won a super cute Organic Onesie in the babyshower giveaway!!