Thursday, June 4, 2009

30 (It's My Birthday, My B-B-B-Birthday)

I never feared turning 30. It never seemed old to me. Until today.

I'm not saying it's the end of my world, but it does sound a little older in reality than it did in the big lead up to it. However, I am still excited about my birthday (I am a birthday nutcase). Morgan told me she would get me balloons, we'll see if it happens. Tonight we are going to cook a nice dinner (shrimp alfredo and garlic bread), and on Saturday Chris & Kelley are coming over for grilled pizza and drinks, then on Sunday we are going to a great Mexican food restraunt with my family. I wanted to have a huge party but the planning never happened and my budget isn't really big party material right now.

So here I go. Over 30 years I have done the following...

Made friends that will be a part of my life until one of us dies. My longest friendship is 27 years now and the second longest is 15 years now. I still talk to them regularly.

Snuck out of my parents house in high school (more than once, hee-hee) and gone to explore the caves at Red Rocks

Learned how to play pool

Crowd surfed at a concert

Pierced my nose

Pierced my tongue

Gotten (8) tattoos (and will get a few more. Of this I am sure)

Skipped school (with permission) to stalk David Justice

Skipped school without permission. I used to pay Matthew to wait for the school to call. He usually forgot and left. I always said I was late and my parents never believed me.

Learned about sex way before I should have. One of the older kids told us what they were learning in school when I was in first grade

Gone to too many funerals

Become a certified First Responder

Become a certified dog groomer

Learned to drink for reasons beyond getting drunk

Learned that Mad Dog 20/20 is never good

Learned how to cook

Fell in love and had my heart broken

Felt the loss of a pregnancy

Become best friends with my sister and brother

Realized my parents are cool to hang out with

Birthed two totally awesome children (once in front of 4 of my family members and once with out drugs, although not by choice) and become an awesome mother

Married a wonderful man that I enjoy spending time with and talking too, and I am an awesome wife as well

Quit many jobs

Learned that the noises that drive me crazy every day are the ones I miss when they are not going on

Figured out how to feed a family for 60 dollars a week when necessary

Had a party when my parents were out of town. And got caught.

Lied to my parents about where I was staying for the night

Gone on a mission involving the adult stores (maybe I will write that story one day)

Spied on many boys while playing the Mission Impossible theme song

Learned that I really hate camping

Learned to play tennis

Driven everybody I know crazy reminding them my birthday was coming up.

Happy Birthday To Me!!


Karolienkie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRIEND!! So happy that it is your Birthday today. You are sharing a birthday with my little guy Bryce :))

Welcome to the 30 club - It will only get better from here!!!

Gelukkige Verjaarsdag!!

Marly CCL said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Indeed! I was in Belgium and I remember going to the payphone (yes payhone) down the block to call and see if I had a new niece or nephew. It must have been important because I had to pay for that call. =0) Love you very much and many more birthdays to you! Aunt Marly xoxoxo