Monday, July 6, 2009

Dancin', Dancin', Dancin'

Our Fourth of July was fun. We went to a party at one of our friends house. They always make the best food (and have a fully stocked bar) so parties at their house are always fun. We talked about going to one of the parks that has fireworks but it rained really hard in the evening so everything would be wet, plus the kids were having a blast so we decided against the park. But we could see some fireworks from the back yard so it was okay. Carter ate his weight in watermelon and Morgan played with the other girls that were there. We got home at about 11:30 and both of the kids stayed asleep while I changed diapers and put them to bed. Then they both slept until almost 10 yesterday morning. HooRay!!
Yesterday we went over to my parents house and Morgan's friends came over to play with her. They were running around all day and I took the girls to see the horse next door. After dinner and more watermelon (Morgan told me we had to go back to our friends house so she could eat her watermelon, I told her we were going to Grandma & TaTa's and she asked if we could get one to take over there with) the kids were cleaning up the toys and asked Matthew if he would put on some dancing music for them to clean and dance to. He put on some Elvis. Here are the pictures and some videos.

I made her put on shoes that went better with Red, White & Blue.

YUMMMM!!! Watermelon.

If he was charging a quarter every time someone needed in the cooler he would have enough to buy 10 watermelon's.

Morgan loves all of her friends instantly.

Here TaTa, try this.

David loves Carrots

Dance Party

Carter loves to dance with Grandma and Morgan.

Carter dancing (spinning in circles) with Morgan's Wow Wow Wubbzy style glasses.

Morgan and TaTa dancing.
I hope everyone had a nice safe holiday weekend.

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Marly CCL said...

hmmm got to get them dancing to the beastie boys and fight for the right to party! ... =0)elliot looks way too grown up! sorry i missed the day but looking forward to getting a little more settled once ben and sam and max are settled in. love you! xoxoxo